Best $300/month motel near me for extended stay | Possible cheap room rental (2023)

$300 a month motel near me

Everyone needs cheap travel for business or family vacations. So there's a $300/mo motel near me that offers extended stays up to a month for a great price. Motel offers with monthly rentals attract guests.

Best $300/month extended stay motel near me. Rooms available here. Find extended stays like$300 a month motelsnear me is the best temporary accommodation for guests.


$300 a month motel room near me

Many people think about the amenities and features they can get in a motel or lodging that offers a cheap deal.

A $300/month motel near me with a kitchen and a pet-friendly $300/month motel have comparable prices that keep customers happy. Your good experience is our pleasure. All the services you need are available here.

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Cheap monthly motel rentals always fit everyone's needs and are perfect for everyone. Its high services and low cost attract people all the time.

Best $300/month motel near me for extended stay | Possible cheap room rental (1)

Instead of booking a $300/month motel room or lodging for a day or a week, you can save by booking motels near me on a monthly basis.

This will be a great choice for guests. Stay connected with Hotels Near Me Monthly Rentals for special offers.

Best $300 Monthly Motel Near Me For Extended Stay Monthly Rooms Offers Cheap Booking Rates. Compare $300 per month at a motel near me for weekly and monthly stays.

Looking for $300 a month Motel Orlando Fl

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SL. NOmotel namesADDRESSevaluations
1.GROSS MOTEL1050 US-20, Chadron, NE 693373.3 stars
2.Value Inn Motel Sandusky2236 Cleveland Road W, Sandusky, OH 448702.6 stars
3.motel 101202 Pyramid Street, Lordsburg, NM 880453.1 stars
4.Das L-Motel121 S Milton Road, Flagstaff, AZ 860013.4 stars
5.the king motel1201 E Ash St, Globus, AZ 855013.5 stars
6.Ocean Plaza Motel1005 S Ocean Boulevard, Myrtle Beach, SC 295773.0 stars
7.Motel 6 Moline, IL2501 52nd Ave, Moline, IL 612653.2 stars
8.Carrs Northside Cottages & Motel421 W Laurel Rd, Gatlinburg, TN 377384.3 stars
9.Motel 6 Piscataway, New Jersey1012 Stelton Road, Piscataway, NJ 088544.0 stars
10the ranch motel7615 Fluid Dr, Little Rock, AR 722063.5 stars

To make you feel at home for $300 a month, motels near me offer fully furnished rooms, a private bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen.

There are no hidden fees or additional costs for breakfast. Lunch and dinner are also included. With our search you can easily find your travel destination and accommodation.

Motel monthly prices near me

Before we delve into the cost breakdown below, it's important to consider all the savings and costs that come with a longer stay. Some of these costs can be avoided by choosing the right long-term stay option.

However, there may be other costs that you don't normally think about for shorter stays. Pay a motel near me for $300 a monthextended stayThe rooms near me have the best prices and services for you.

Breakfast is free. But if you want lunch and dinner, you'll have to pay a little more for the $300 a month motel near me for a longer stay in America.

But when you book a motel for $500 a month, you get the best continental lunch and dinner delivered to your motel room every day. As for perks, some of the motels charge additional fees and some of the motels offer free perks. Check monthly hotel rentals.

Best $300/month motel near me for extended stay | Possible cheap room rental (2)

There may also be small fees for items such as laundry and kitchen supplies like paper plates and Lysol towels. Many people would rather buy their own toilet paper than spend weeks using inferior toilet paper.

How much do extended stay hotels cost per month?

SomeMotels and hotels for longer stayscan offer a discounted rate if you want to stay 30 days or more. These prices may not appear when you search for your room online. Therefore, it is best to call the property ahead of time and ask about discounted long-term rates.

Cancellation sometimes costs a little more too. So if you're not sure about booking a $300 a month motel near me, don't do it in advance. Last minute reservation.

Choose hotels for a month to stay near me now. Discover the cheapest monthly or weekly rates near me now.

Premier Extended Stay América Suite

Located in East Providence, this Extended Stay America - Providence - East Providence is designed specifically for longer stays, with all rooms featuring full kitchens.

any kitchen inextended stay america– La Providencia is equipped with a stove, microwave and refrigerator. You can also enjoy a breakfast to go.

The rooms can be rented for $300 a month and they offer free on-site parking. Area attractions close to the hotel include the Rhode Island Convention Center, Providence Place Mall and Brown University.

Extended Stay Motels Near Me

Many motel chains offer free services to further entice you to stay at home. Free high-speed Internet has become a popular convenience that business travelers may find useful.

Paying around $10 per unit can add up quickly, so that alone could make someone loyal to a motel. Find cheap motels near me to get the amenities you want for a month.

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Extended-stay hotels and motels are designed for their customers who obviously miss the familiar, everyday atmosphere at home.

Larger rooms, fully equipped kitchens, in-room Internet connections, and a dining or work table to make you feel at home make a difference from standard hotel accommodations.

Best $300/month motel near me for extended stay | Possible cheap room rental (3)

The facilities you want in a normal hotel are basic necessities. But extended stay motels near me offer the feeling of being home with all the basic and luxurious services and facilities of a motel for close to $300 a month.

With very low prices, there are also some discounts and deals for motels that rent by the week, putting your costs even below your budget. Motel 6 monthly rates offer the cheapest monthly stay.

Best $500 per month motel in my area

The $500/month motel near me is slightly more expensive than the $300/month motel near me in the US. You can live somewhere cheap to work for a fraction of the cost.

Instead of paying the price of living downtown or near your friends and family, you can rent a hotel room for a month or more.

Some of the facilities you have to pay an extra $500 a month for at a motel near me are free at that facility$500 a month motel. Book cheap long-term hotel rentals.

Get the most out of your trip with a $300/mo motel near me and a $700/mo motel near me.Otherwise, the reasons you may book are unexpected relocation, medical travel, business trip, student housing, temporary accommodation, or vacation. With all these guys, a $300 motel near me is a perfect match.

Advantages of long-stay hotels

  • WiFi in the room and high speed internet access.
  • TVs with apps like Netflix.
  • Local transfers to and from the airport, main shopping centers, tourist attractions and business areas.
  • On-site hardware store laundry facilities.
  • Kitchens fully equipped with refrigerator, microwave, sink, garbage disposal and oven.
  • Filtered drinking water.
  • Recreational facilities such as swimming pool and jacuzzi.
  • A gym with machines and weights.
  • Conference rooms and business center with access to printers.
  • Take-away breakfasts, snacks and vending machines.

Super 8 monthly motel rates near me

The $300/month Super 8 by Wyndham motel near me offers guests an indoor pool and hot tub. Public areas have free Wi-Fi.

A free breakfast is served daily. Ideal for business trips, the Super 8 by Wyndham Price also offers coffee or tea in common areas and laundry facilities. Free parking available. This Price Motel is a non-smoking property.

PreferablySuper 8By Wyndham Price offers 40 rooms with air conditioning, coffee/tea maker, and hairdryer. A flat screen TV with cable. Bathrooms have shower/tub combinations.

This Price motel offers free Wi-Fi. Business amenities include a desk and free local calls. Housekeeping is offered daily and irons and ironing boards are available upon request.

Best $300/month motel near me for extended stay | Possible cheap room rental (4)

Enjoy free amenities for $300 a month at a nearby motel, like grab-and-go breakfast and free self parking. Also, there is free public WiFi everywhere so make use of it. Spacious rooms, free Wi-Fi and calls available at monthly stay motels near me.

Attractive deals on cheap motels near me with monthly rates to fit your budget.

Hotel rentals near me month by month

Extended stay hotels are so much better that once you book a stay with them you won't be staying anywhere else.

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Most major cities and even some smaller cities have long-term accommodation, so do your homework for longer stays.Hotels that rent for monthsand no name brand chains and see how much more is available to you. So if you don't agree, decide that a little research can go a long way.

Do not think that the monthly prices of the hotels are huge. It's cheap to stay in monthly suites near me. Book online cheap monthly stays near me. Look for motels that you can rent on a monthly basis.

Rent a room at a motel near me for longer stays for $300 a month. You can rent monthly hotel stays for up to one month.

Pet-friendly hotels are also a benefit that allow you to keep your pet and wait for it to return to its temporary home at a $300/month motel near me.

For pet owners, this is a great benefit that they cannot ignore. So bring the kids and your dog and stay at hotels with longer-stay accommodations.

monthly motels near me

When choosing cheap hotel rooms, it is very important to know how far the hotel is from the international airport, the sea and the beach, and how far you can walk to the city center. If you are coming by car, it is better to choose a motel near the main road.

When choosing cheap hotel rooms, it is very important to know how far the hotel is from the international airport, the sea and the beach, and how far you can walk to the city center.

If you are coming by car, it is better to choose a motel near the main road. Rent hotels for a month and save on your travel budget.

I rent rooms near me

It can be hard to get a good deal on a $300 a month motel near me, but you can easily find it.Rooms close to low price.

It's like getting on a plane and realizing that the guy in the next seat paid half of what he paid for the ticket. Hotels being the same, you'll often find that the guy in the next room paid significantly less for his room than you did for yours.

That mystery fee to rent a room near me makes it hard to compare motel rates, and makes it hard to know if you're getting a good deal. However, there are some proven ways to get the cheapest price on a hotel room.

There are no hidden fees for motels that charge monthly. Choosemonthly motelswith kitchenettes to cook your favorite food.

View from the bedroom window. However, this indicates an important detail when booking and that may be missing when choosing cheap hotel rooms for a month.

Affordable Fully Furnished Monthly Motel Rentals Near Me might be an option for you. Stay comfortably in monthly rental motel rooms near me.

Motels under $200 per week vs. $300 per month motel

Motels under $200 a week means that motels you can stay in for a week have to pay less than $200 for it. Depending on the destination, season, location and services of the motel, the cost depends. Now the average is $200.

Keep reading -Motels under $200 per week.

Somewhere you may need to pay more than $200 to stay in a motel for a week if you want more and more services. But it is rare. Most travelers require basic services. So you can easily get motels for less than $200 a week. Advanced programs offer up to 80% off monthly hotel rates.

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Come now to the $300 monthly motel with monthly rates where you can stay up to a month or two. The longer you stay in an accommodation, the less you will have to pay. So save more each month for longer stays.

A variety of affordable motel rooms near me offer cheap weekly accommodation.

Best $300/month motel near me for extended stay | Possible cheap room rental (5)

Bottom line, a $300 a month motel near me is better than sub $200 a week motels. Monthly motels can save you more than weekly motel stays. Book extended stay motels near me for your cheap stays. Save up to 80% on monthly hotel room rentals near me.

Motels for weekly rentals near me

When you're busy with work or looking for activities in the area, you can relax in the spacious work area and use the free WiFi. After a long day, sit back, relax and enjoy premium cable channels on a flat screen TV.

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All of our $300 per month extended stay motels near me also offer the convenience of on-site laundry facilities, weekly housekeeping, and pet-friendly rooms. Select hotels also offer a fitness center, pool andwhirlwindto keep fit anywhere.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for a $300/mo motel near me

Are there hotels or motels in the US that I can stay at for $300 a month?

Yes, there are so many hotels and motels in the US that people can stay for less than $300 a month.

Algunos de ellos son: Motel 6 Tulsa West, Azure Sky Motel, Trails West Motel, Double N Motel, Suite 16 Motel, etc.

What are viable alternatives to hotels when traveling to the US?

Motels are viable alternatives to hotels when traveling to the United States. Also, hostels are better for solo travelers.

But for family trips, business trips, and more, motels are the best alternatives to hotel rooms near me.

Whether you're looking for discounted weekly rates or long-term monthly rates, Extended Stay America is your best hotel choice. Make your extended stay with us and experience the comfort and tranquility of a home away from home, regardless of the length of your business or pleasure trip.

Find the best $300/month motel room near me and the best $500/month motel near me for extended stays.

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