LG KG800 Chocolate review: Dressed to impress (2023)

A new LG phone has hit the streets. The possible suspect is described as black, slim, sexy and, above all, stylish. Well, we may have some information on this suspect, Mr. Police Officer. The LG Chocolate Phone is a gorgeous mobile phone that offers a bright red navigation touch panel, 128MB of internal storage, 1.3MP camera and MP3 player, tri-band GSM and GPRS support, all in a sleek slider housing are accommodated.

Official photos from LG

Main Features:

  • elegant design
  • high-quality execution
  • 1.3 megapixel camera with LED flash
  • 128MB internal shared memory
  • USB 1.2 mass storage support
  • Touchpanel-Navigation
  • Really quick reaction of the menu system

Main Cons:

  • No memory card slot
  • Sin Radio FM
  • no flight mode
  • Slow motion and uncomfortable interface
  • No MP3 playlist or ID3 tag support

The phone has an innovative touchpad that is used to navigate the menus and is a wonderful design piece that really adds to the overall classy feel of the phone.

Other than that, as far as the technical side of the device is concerned, there aren't any fancy features that would baffle regular techies. The phone is primarily aimed at a niche market of expensive designer phones that have the main goal of making their owners stand out from the general crowd. And as such, it should be seen on its own with your marketing specifics in mind. So if you're one of those people hoping that the LG KG800 will be the next Walkman competitor or camera phone, we only have 2 words for you: keep waiting!

Regardless, we really liked this phone, and in fact everyone around us liked it even more, so this party slider has a trick or two up its sleeve. Speaking of sleeves, let's roll up our sleeves and get to work showing what this babe has to offer.

The phone we had was a test sample, so we have to warn you that although this version of the software behaved perfectly and we didn't find any obvious bugs, there may be some differences from the final version.

LG KG800 Chocolate review: Dressed to impress (5) LG KG800 Chocolate review: Dressed to impress (6)LG KG800 Chocolate review: Dressed to impress (7) LG KG800 Chocolate review: Dressed to impress (8)

As for the fancy retail package, the box should include a stereo headset, case, neck strap, 3.5mm MP3 remote control, USB cable, travel charger, and software CD containing LG included PC suite. , but as we have always said, the content of the retail box depends on the market and country.

exquisite shell

The front of the phone has a mirror finish that makes it look really classy. When closed, the slider has a fairly monolithic construction, which is why some people have tried opening it like a flip phone instead of a slider. This is really amazing as mobile phones are invading every part of our lives these days so being able to produce something innovative really counts.

When we first saw the device emerging from its black velvet case emblazoned with the LG logo, we were struck by how slim it looked. We couldn't believe it was more than 15mm thick, so we had to measure it ourselves. Well, it's actually just over 15mm thick, but you never really notice just by looking at it - it seems so much thinner.

LG Chocolate in hand: side views

In fact, one of our first impressions was that the phone tucked away in her pocket looks a lot like a fancy, overpriced lighter that a true connoisseur keeps handy.

LG Chocolate and its bag

One would expect this phone to be more of a feminine accessory than a masculine toy, but the unisex design and sleek, slim body make it suitable and appealing to both men and women.

When style meets class

In fact, when closed, all I saw was a glossy black surface and a silver rectangle surrounding the center OK button on the touchpad - the screen and red touchpad were hidden beneath the glossy surface. When you swipe up the top, the touchpad and screen light up, waiting for your commands. The sight of the bright red touchpad could easily win anyone's heart.

LG chocolate overview

The newly revealed number part of the keyboard is excellently designed and very easy to use. The number pad contains an interesting design solution, since some of the keys are made of matte plastic and others are made of glossy plastic. Then the different keys are arranged in a grid on the keyboard and that makes it very attractive. In fact, this checkerboard style keyboard and the shape of the keys look very similar to the pieces of a candy bar. That's one of the reasons for calling The Chocolate's number.

LG Chocolate Numeric Keyboard

The actual place this beauty got her name is the fact that she smells like chocolate in the Korean market where this babe was a pioneer. Yes, you heard that right: the phone smells like chocolate. But enough of that, let's get back to our review.

There is only one volume balance button on the left side of the device. The right side has more to show. There we see a hotkey for camera/MP3 player and the ON/OFF button. The ON/OFF button has multiple functions, including ending or rejecting a call. The camera/mp3 player hotkey is an unusual solution as we almost never see a combined hotkey for both apps: a short press opens the media menu, while a long press takes you straight to the mp3 player. Also on the left side of the slim panel is the multifunctional USB/headphone/charging port, hidden under a protective cover.

Side Views LG Chocolate • The multipurpose connector cover

The player comes with an MP3 remote control cable that plugs into the phone's multipurpose jack and features FFD, REW, PLAY/PAUSE, ANSWER/HANG UP and STOP buttons. The remote itself has a standard 3.5mm audio jack, which is used for the included LG headphones, as well as any other headphones of your choosing. We would have admired the fact that the manufacturer also allows high-quality headphones if it weren't for the mediocre capabilities of the MP3 player itself. In any case, the headphones aren't much better: the sound lacks bass components and the minimum volume is too high.

Remote control and headphones LG Chocolate MP3

The back has a clean design, housing only the external antenna port cover and the battery cover. When the phone is open you can see the camera lens and LED flash. The battery cover is on the lower back and is part of the 800mAh lithium-ion polymer battery. According to the manufacturer, the battery should offer up to 200 hours of standby time and up to 6 hours of talk time. Of course, these numbers are only guidelines. Unfortunately, we weren't able to test the Chocolate's battery life as we used the phone a lot during our testing, so the battery life we ​​experienced isn't indicative of the phone's actual performance.

Rear view

In fact, the battery cover is difficult to detach. It opens after pressing the trigger button. But you have to press the button hard enough until it sinks. The issue is further complicated by the fact that when you try to peel off the battery cover, you're actually peeling off the phone first. The SIM card can be easily inserted into the bed and removed again.

melt in your hands

The slide mechanism opens easily, but won't accidentally open into pockets or purses as the holding/opening spring is stiff enough to prevent this. In fact, the opening of the phone is very nice and its smooth finish definitely adds to that feeling.

side views

Because everything is glossy, the outer surface picks up fingerprints with exceptional ease. The good news is that the LG branded case that comes with the phone in its retail box really helps keep it clean as the material it is made of is the perfect cloth for wiping the surface of the phone .

The touchpad buttons certainly take some getting used to. Most people who hold their phone for a few minutes usually manage to accidentally dial a number or load their web browser's homepage. It's admittedly confusing at first, but the great-looking touchpad is certainly worth the extra effort.

The interesting thing is that the touchpad works with conductivity, so you basically press the button with the electrolyte on the skin of your fingers. The manufacturer advises not to touch the touchpad with metal objects and never to use it with wet fingers and even to clean the touchpad when it is wet, otherwise the sensors could be damaged. We've tried pressing the touchpad with a stylus to no avail, so we can conclude that you probably can't accidentally press some buttons in your pocket. Also, the touchpad is automatically disabled when the slider is closed. It also deactivates when you dial a number, otherwise you can use your cheek to press "who knows what."

Once you get used to navigating by touch instead of pressing, the menu navigation works like a charm and the menu response is very quick; In fact, this menu system has one of the slowest response times we've seen.

LG Chocolate in hand - front view

The number pad is exceptionally good, albeit with decently sized, well-spaced keys that are very easy to spot without even looking at them.

The backlight is very good. We would like to draw your attention to the fact that when the phone's energy saving function is activated, the backlight of the number pad is also constantly switched off. Otherwise, all the lights will go off when you're not using your phone, and to check if there are any missed calls, incoming messages, or just the time, you'll have to open the slider.

Glow-in-the-dark touchpad and keypad

When the keylock is on, closing the slider prevents user input from being available unless you reopen it. If you choose to leave the keylock disabled, which we did, closing the slider will disable the touchpad again, but you can re-enable it and even navigate the menu while it's closed by simply double-clicking the Press volume on the side of the key.


Did the LG Chocolate smell like Chocolate? ›

That's one of the reasons for calling the phone The Chocolate. The real place where this beauty gets its name is from the fact that in the Korean market where this baby was pioneered, it has a scent of chocolate. Yes, you heard us right - the phone smells of chocolate.

How much did the LG Chocolate cost? ›

And more to the point, it lacks a speakerphone, something even the most basic cell phones offer. On the upside, the Chocolate is fairly priced at $149 with service.

When did the LG KG800 release? ›

It was released in May 2006 and had its marketing strategy planned and executed by John Bernard, a marketer based in the UK. The KG800 is a 'slider' style phone that reveals touch sensitive buttons on its face, which activate upon sliding the phone open.

When did the LG Chocolate phone come out? ›

The LG VX8500 (or "Chocolate") was a slider cellphone-MP3 player hybrid that was sold as a feature phone by LG. It was released in July 2006 for online sale in the U.S. through the network Verizon Wireless. On August 7, 2006, it was released for sale in Verizon stores.

Did LG Chocolate have a camera? ›

Common features of the phones include an MP3 player, games, camera and internet browser. The first model was part of the LG Black Label Series. The LG Chocolate became very popular in many markets, especially the United States and South Korea.

Why does my chocolate taste like perfume? ›

If your chocolate was stored next to any scented items such a scented candle, perfume, or an array of flavors that are found in a typical fridge, it will lose its yummy chocolate notes and taste like scent(s) that it was stored near instead. This is a potential big YUK!

Who sells the most chocolate in the USA? ›

Market share of the leading chocolate companies in the United States in 2021
CharacteristicMarket share
Chocoladefabriken Lindt & Sprüngli8.2%
Ferrero & related parties8%
3 more rows
Jan 19, 2023

Whats the most expensive chocolate? ›

Answer: In 2009, 'Forbes' named House of Knipschildt's La Madeline au Truffe, the most expensive chocolate in the world. It costs USD 250 (Rs 20416.25) for a single piece. The ganache is made of 70 percent Valrhona dark chocolate which is encased inside a rare French Perigord truffle and shaped to perfection.

Why did they stop making LG? ›

The Vietnamese factory where LG built many of its smartphones is set to be converted into a household appliance manufacturing plant for the company. For many years, LG's smartphone division caused the business to lose money.

Has LG been discontinued? ›

After 12 years of being an Android OEM, LG has had enough. The Korean company announced late last night that it is officially quitting the smartphone market; it plans to close up shop on the entire business by July 31, 2021.

When was LG discontinued? ›

LG surprised a lot of people by announcing the termination of their smartphone business on April 5, 2021. Instead, the company wants a chance to focus on other lines of business that offer them more growth opportunities.

Which LG phone is the oldest? ›

The LG GW620, also known as the LG Eve and the LG InTouch Max, is a smartphone manufactured by LG Electronics. It is the first smartphone from LG that runs the Android operating system.

Was the LG Chocolate Touch screen? ›

The LG Chocolate Touch has a 3.2-megapixel camera. The device was also released on Alltel as the AX8575 or the LG Touch, as well as on U.S. Cellular as the UX8575 or LG Touch.
LG Chocolate Touch (VX8575)
Memory1 Gigabyte Dedicated Built-In Storage for Music
Removable storageUp To 8 GB MicroSD Card Slot (No Card Included)
16 more rows

Can you still buy LG phones? ›

The company officially stopped making phones in April, 2021. Despite that though, there are still many good phones the company released in 2020 and in 2021, that will continue to be supported for their remaining lifetime. This way, if you want to get an LG phone, you can still do that.

Where is the camera located on LG TV? ›

You can take pictures or record videos using the camera on your smart TV. in the bottom right corner of the screen.

Where are the LG pictures? ›

You can access your saved photos from Camera mode. Just tap the image thumbnail at the bottom of the Camera screen, then flick left or right to scroll through your photos.

How many cameras does the LG G8 have? ›

The LG G8 features two cameras on the back: a primary 12-megapixel sensor and a secondary 16-megapixel ultra-wide angle sensor.

Why does chocolate not taste like chocolate anymore? ›

The simplest explanation is that your palate has changed. As we get older, eating and drinking new things trains our palate, steering it in new directions (you like kale now?! And dark chocolate!) —which often leaves the sugary predilections of childhood behind.

Why does Hershey's use butyric acid? ›

"Butyric acid." Butyric acid comes from the milk fats in the chocolate. In a process called lipolysis, the fatty acids in the milk decompose, resulting in a rancid, or "goaty" taste. Hershey's purposefully puts their chocolate through controlled lipolysis, giving it that unique flavor.

What is the world's best chocolate brand? ›

Teuscher. Named the Best Chocolate in the World by National Geographic Magazine, Teuscher delivers a divine chocolate experience resulting from years of chocolate passion and tradition.

What is the number 1 selling chocolate? ›

Top-selling chocolates and sweets
CountryTop Brands2012 Annual Sales (In millions USD)
United StatesReese's Peanut Butter Cups2,603
United StatesM&M's2,300
United KingdomCadbury's Dairy Milk852
16 more rows

What is the most liked chocolate in us? ›

When searching for sweets, Americans tend to prefer milk chocolate over other cocoa choices. YouGov data shows that half of Americans (49%) are partial to milk chocolate while one-third (34%) enjoy dark chocolate the most. Just one in nine adults (11%) choose white chocolate as their favorite.

What country loves chocolate the most? ›

Switzerland is renowned for its exceptional chocolate. From all of those prism-shaped Toblerone bars in airport duty free shops across the world to the more local Cailler and Frey varieties, it comes as little surprise that Swiss people consume the most chocolate per capita of any country worldwide.

What US city is known for chocolate? ›

San Francisco, California

Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco is home to one of the oldest and most historic chocolate factories in the United States – Ghirardelli.

Is Ghirardelli chocolate high quality? ›

There is a reason why Ghirardelli is known for its high quality products, which include its signature dark chocolate squares and luxurious truffles, each with only the finest ingredients. Aside from specialty items like hot cocoa mixes and baking products, the company also sells a wide range of other products.

What's the oldest candy bar that's still around? ›

Fry's Chocolate Cream (1866)

The first mass-produced chocolate bar was J. S. Fry & Sons' “Fry's Cream Stick,” which was introduced around 1850.

Why is Godiva chocolate so expensive? ›

What makes Godiva known as such a premium confection is its high-quality ingredients and detailed production process, she said, and has nothing to do with where it is found. And, she added, the premium chocolate category posted a 16% growth rate, higher than the 10% growth the entire chocolate category is seeing.

What does LG stand for? ›

LG is the brand that is Delightfully Smart. "Life's Good" slogan, and futuristic logo are a great representation of what we stand for.

Who bought LG? ›

LG Electronics acquired Zenith in 1995 and the largest shareholder of LG Display, world's largest display company by revenue in 2020.
LG Electronics Inc.
LG Digital Twin Tower in Yeouido-dong, Seoul, where LG Electronics is headquartered
RevenueKRW 74.72 trillion (2021)
19 more rows

Is LG going to comeback? ›

On April 5th, 2021, LG announced that it was quitting the "incredibly competitive mobile phone sector", which essentially means no new LG-branded phones will be coming out anymore, although the company is still developing components such as displays for other phone makers.

Is LG a Samsung brand? ›

LG's brand is ranked #398 in the list of Global Top 1000 Brands, as rated by customers of LG. Their current market cap is $7.17B. Samsung's brand is ranked #103 in the list of Global Top 1000 Brands, as rated by customers of Samsung. Their current market cap is $263.86B.
LG vs Samsung.

Will my LG phone still work in 2023? ›

A. Yes, your current LG phone will continue to work with your service provider.

How long do LG phones last? ›

LG, on the other hand, says that they support their phones with updates as long as they “live”. The length of life for a phone, according to LG, is 1.5 to 2 years depending on the specific model's popularity.

What was the last LG made? ›

The LG Velvet was the last LG smartphone available via a national carrier in the US.

What was LG brand before? ›

LG Corporation (or LG Group) (Korean: 엘지), known as LG and formerly Lucky-Goldstar from 1983 to 1995 (Korean: Leokki Geumseong; Korean: 럭키금성; Hanja: 樂喜金星), is a South Korean multinational conglomerate founded by Koo In-hwoi and managed by successive generations of his family.

What did LG do to change their brand? ›

First, LG had to establish itself as a higher quality, more reliable, more desirable brand than its Lucky Goldstar heritage. LG erased the Lucky Goldstar brand and re-launched it as LG. This was not just a marketing activity. It was not merely about a new advertising campaign.

Is the chocolate touch a classic? ›

The Chocolate Touch is a sweet classic from 1952, but the lessons are timeless. Enjoy the chocolate, the healthy message, and the wisdom – “all things in moderation” – of The Chocolate Touch.

What is the oldest touch screen phone? ›

First Touchscreen Phone (1992)

The IBM Simon was the first of its kind when it came out in 1992. This phone was the 1992 version of today's I-Phone. It was touch screen, portable, had a calculator, email, and could work on networks.

What year did touch screens come out? ›

In 1991–1992, the Sun Star7 prototype PDA implemented a touchscreen with inertial scrolling. In 1993, IBM released the IBM Simon the first touchscreen phone.

Which cell phones are made in the USA? ›

Purism makes the Librem 5 USA model phone, which is the only smartphone in the world with the “Made in USA” stamp.

What does it mean when a phone is unlocked? ›

A carrier-imposed “lock” is a software code that prevents your phone from working on another cellular network. With an “unlocked” phone, on the other hand, you can get service with any carrier on a compatible network — and that's just one of the benefits of an unlocked phone.

Does LG have a 5G phone? ›

LG V60 ThinQ™ 5G | T-Mobile

4.1 out of 5 stars. Read reviews for average rating value is 4.1 of 5. Read 72 Reviews Same page link.

Why does it smell like chocolate in Chicago? ›

The factory in the West Loop area of Chicago is known for sending a chocolate aroma into the air. Though the smell is popular among many Chicagoans, in 2006, a nearby condo owner complained to the EPA about the smell, complaining that it violated the Clean Air Act.

What did original chocolate taste like? ›

And for the first 3,500 years of human consumption, chocolate was only bitter. Theobroma cacao, the tree that produces the beans for chocolate, comes from the Amazonian basin in South America. More than 4,000 years ago, people in the Americas started domesticating the plant.

Can a dog smell like chocolate? ›

We're going to start this article with a resounding "yes" - dogs can smell chocolate, and what's worse, they're all about the scent. If you're in the doggy-know, you understand that chocolate is pawsitively toxic for doggos. Chocolate isn't one of those "they can have a taste in moderation" treats.

Does Hershey Park smell like chocolate? ›

The park itself is not "scented" or anything but there are nearby factories that can have a distinct odor at times. I notice it driving by the Reese's factory on Route 422 near the Hershey Lodge. I've never noticed it in the park but if you're staying in Hershey, you may want to avoid hotels on the west side of town.

Why does chocolate smell so good? ›

The mouth watering aroma of chocolate is down to a chemical that gives roses their fragrance, according to a new study. Roasted cocoa beans are rich in beta-ionone - found in perfume and essential oils, say scientists.

Why does Chicago smell like onions? ›

What does the word “Chicago” mean? The official origin is that “Chicago” is the French version of the Miami-Illinois word shikaakwa (“Stinky Onion”), named for the garlic plant (not onion) Allium tricoccum common along the Chicago River.

What is the smell in Miami? ›

Why does Miami Beach smell like Sulphur? Sargassum is a type of brown seaweed that is washing up on beaches in Florida. As it rots, it gives off a substance called hydrogen sulfide. Hydrogen sulfide has a very unpleasant odor, like rotten eggs.

What is the oldest chocolate company in the US? ›

Baker's Chocolate isn't a household name, which is surprising, because it is the oldest chocolate brand in the United States. Founded in Massachusetts in the 1760s by John Hannon and Dr. James Baker, the company was sold to Dr.

Why does Hershey's put butyric acid in chocolate? ›

"Butyric acid." Butyric acid comes from the milk fats in the chocolate. In a process called lipolysis, the fatty acids in the milk decompose, resulting in a rancid, or "goaty" taste. Hershey's purposefully puts their chocolate through controlled lipolysis, giving it that unique flavor.

What smell is irresistible to dogs? ›

The methodology of observing the dogs freely exploring the experimental area allowed us to determine the smells that were the most attractive to them (food, beaver clothing). Our study shows that dogs interacted more frequently with the scents of blueberries, blackberries, mint, rose, lavender, and linalol.

What smell calms a dog? ›

Lavender and Chamomile:

Dogs who are exposed to these scents spend less time moving around and tend to behave in a relaxed manner. This results in lower levels of barking and is most beneficial when used in your home. It has also been shown to reduce stress levels.

Why does my pee smell like fish? ›

Fish Odor Syndrome

Also called trimethylaminuria, this genetic condition can give your pee a fishy smell. It happens when your body can't break down trimethylamine. You end up getting rid of the compound through your pee, sweat, breath, and other fluids. It doesn't mean you're unhealthy.


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