The 29 Best Rental Sites to Find Tenants or Guests (2023)

Last updated: October 13, 2021

According to research carried out byZillow. In fact, four out of five tenants use online resources, with nearly 90% of Gen Z and Millennial tenants purchasing their rental properties online.

The best rental sites help landlords find tenants quickly and offer online apps, tenant checks, rent signing, rent billing, and online portals to improve the tenant experience and keep turnover to a minimum.

In this article, we review the best rental listing sites to reach potential tenants to help you minimize vacant space and improve your cash flow (listed alphabetically).

1. II Board of Directors

2 Boardis the perfect rental listing site if your target tenant is a professional corporate traveler looking for an executive apartment. The site lists thousands of furnished rental listings in over 50 cities, with short-term, monthly, and long-term rental options. Some of the best companies in the world use a second address for their business travel needs, including Google, Facebook, Deloitte and Stanford.

2. Airbnb

Airbnbcovers more than 100,000 cities in almost every country in the world and offers options for both short and long term stays. While listing a rental on Airbnb is free, hosts pay a service fee of at least 3% of the value of each reservation, and guests pay a service fee of up to 20%.

3. Apartment finder

A lot moreapartment finderbut only apartments. This rental listings page also features apartments, townhouses, and single-family homes for rent. It's free to add a rental property to Housing Finder and you'll reach more move-in ready tenants than ever before. The site is part of the network, which is visited by tenants more than 50 million times a month.


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4. A guide to apartments

apartment guideis part of the RentPath family of brands that includes and In addition to apartments, the site offers apartments, townhomes and single-family homes for rent in popular cities such as Austin, Atlanta, Virginia Beach and Detroit.

5. Apartment Dwelling Residence

They are used by tenantsApartmentHouseLifelook for apartments, student houses, apartments, single-family houses and single-family houses for rent. Once a tenant is found, the tenant can take a virtual tour, fill out the lease form and sign the lease completely online. The site works with to connect landlords with millions of potential tenants to help keep their rent full.

6. List of apartments

There are three main reasons to list owners for rentapartment catalog. The site collects and analyzes tenant data to better match tenants, integrates seamlessly with leading property management systems, and offers a true pay-for-performance model so you only pay when a potential customer converts to a tenant. .


Apartamenty.comranked by Investopedia as the best rental site for attracting qualified candidates. The site charges applicants application fees in a mobile app that weeds out candidates who aren't really interested in hiring, saving you time and money. This rental listings page features apartments, flats, townhouses and single-family homes for rent.

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8. Witness

Owners of rental properties create an entry inget a head startwhich the platform then shares with other high-traffic rental listing sites including Apartment Listing, Doorsteps, and Zillow. Landlords can contact potential tenants through Avail, check credit and rent history, sign lease agreements, and collect rent on Avail's easy-to-use online rental platform.

9. By owner

ByOwner.comis a rental classifieds site for landlords with a complete suite of rental tools in one place. The site is the most visited rental platform for renters who want to rent directly from landlords with no maintenance fees. offers a 7-day free trial with a monthly fee of $39 after the trial ends. Homeowners looking for maximum exposure for their rental listing can choose the $399 plan to get millions of views on sites like HGTV, Yahoo, Zillow and MLS.

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10. CHBO

CHBO, which stands for Corporate Housing by Owner, is a rental listings website that specializes in matching homeowners with business executives looking for furnished apartments to rent without having to sign a long-term lease. Annual advertising packages start at $339 per year and are the only fee associated with renting your property.

11. convenient

for almost 10 yearsWarmmade renting easier for landlords. You can list, view tenants, charge rent for free, and completely manage your property from a user-friendly dashboard with a complete set of tools. When renting to an eligible tenant, you can manage Cozy tenant maintenance requests and stay organized with expense tracking that makes tax preparation easy.

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12. Craiglist

Almost everyone has heardCraigslist, including people looking for a place to rent. After creating your Craigslist account, select the location where your property is located, create a listing with the rent amount, property details and photos, then post it on the site. Craigslist rental listings remain active for 45 days and you can easily repost from your account when the listing expires.

13. Porta

Portaworks with and Avail using a combination of MLS rental listings, Owners Direct listings and Your rental is featured on the best rental sites and you'll have a full suite of tools, tips and world-class customer service available seven days a week.

14. Facebook Market

You can list your property for rent for free atfacebook market, but you may need to run paid ads for maximum visibility. Using Facebook as a rental listing site is a good way to gain exposure, but the site doesn't offer tools for landlords like most of the top rental listing sites do.


domy.comranked by The Balance Small Business as the best rental listing site for a family. The site is the 6th largest real estate portal in terms of traffic and specializes in single-family homes, tenements and apartments for rent. Creating a profile is free, but you will need to buy leads to get the most out of your site.

16. HotPady

Part of the Zillow family of websites,HotPadyis a good rental listings site to use if your property is located in an urban area. The site offers a variety of tenant-friendly tools, including push notifications when a new rental listing hits the market, which in turn generates strong leads from potential tenants for rental property owners.

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17. MyNew Place

Formerly known as Rent Jungle,MyNew Placeis a website with rental offers for apartments and single-family homes. The company operates a "pay per qualified lead" pricing model, with landlords paying only when potential tenants contact them through MyNewPlace listings. Belowadd a property for rent on MyNewPlaceOwners should contact the company directly.

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18. Next

next dooris a hyperlocal social networking service for neighborhoods. While a neighborhood center is not specifically designed to list property listings, rental property owners can register as a business to establish a local presence and establish a reputation as an area rental resource.

19. People with animals

According topeople with animals72% of all tenants in the US have pets. One of the best ways to let tenants know that your property is pet-friendly is to use the People With Pets rental website. The premium plan is just $9.99 per month and includes a property description, photos, a direct link to your website and social media accounts, and contacting potential tenants via email, phone or fax.

20. Real

real estate.comranked by The Balance Small Business as the best rental site for the fastest job placement. The site's rich feature set includes rental listings, a rental cost calculator, and a dashboard for managing properties and updating rental listings.


Registration inwynajem.comhelps reach nearly 15 million tenants through its network of rental sites RentPath,, Lovely and The site offers listings of flats, flats, townhouses and houses for rent, with additional tools such as online rental applications, tenant checks and online rent collection.

22. Advertising for hire

rental adsmakes it easy for landlords and renters to connect, making it accessible to more than 7 million people through a network of rental classifieds sites. Paid plans at RentalAds start at $19/month per property, with listings appearing mostly with free ads and full distribution on partner sites including, ByOwner and Trulia.

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Landlords looking for simple and streamlined rent management under one roof will find itWynajem.comthe perfect rental classifieds site. Within minutes of listing your property for rent, you'll reach millions of potential renters who visit the network, including and Apartment Guide. Landlords can accept applications online, screen potential tenants, and collect rent online.

24. RentDigs

excavations for rentis a free rental listing site that automatically lists your property on other rental sites, provides statistics on how often your rental home is viewed, along with a URL to use in other listings to link directly to your RentDigs listing. Potential tenants must create an account before responding to your listing, which helps weed out potential tenants who aren't serious about finding a place to rent.

25. Subsurrender

Landlords can post daily, weekly, monthly or yearly rentalsPodnajem.comfree of charge for any type of leased property, not just subleases. This rental listings site lists nearly 60,000 furnished and unfurnished rental properties worldwide, including popular US rental locations such as Atlanta, Dallas and Florida. Rental tools for landlords include tenant checks, criminal and employment background reports.

26. Summits

domesworks with Zillow and HotPads through Zillow Rental Manager to promote rental deals to as many potential customers as quickly as possible. Posting a rental listing is free on Trulia and you can connect with tenants via phone or email with questions. Trulia's tenant-centric features include in-depth community analytics, school assessments, and neighborhood crime statistics.


Founded in 1995,WILLOW TREE(Vacation Rental by Owner) connects rental property owners with tenants looking for a place to rent for a few days, weeks or months. Unlike Airbnb, VRBO only allows listings for entire homes, which means less competition from other landlords.

28. Zillow Rental Manager

Best Overall Rental Website 2021 by Investopedia,Zillow rental managermakes it easy to view your rent listing, verify tenants, sign a lease and pay - all in one place. Over 34 million people visit this rental site every month, and best of all, your first rental is completely free.

29. Zuber

Homeowners can reach valuable tenants and fill vacancies fasterZuber. This rental listing site reaches over 13 million quality tenants who are actively looking for a place to live. Landlords can verify tenants with credit reports and background checks, get instant leases, and collect rent with convenient online payments deposited directly into their bank account.

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How do I find good people to rent? ›

  1. Do your research and understand your target. ...
  2. Market your rental property accordingly. ...
  3. Check that they have good credit. ...
  4. Verify their income. ...
  5. Check-in with their previous landlords and rental history. ...
  6. Do a criminal background check. ...
  7. Do they fit your lifestyle expectations? ...
  8. Make sure they're comfortable paying the deposit.
Nov 19, 2020

How do I find a tenant? ›

Fortunately, there are several good ways to find prospective tenants, when a landlord knows where to look:
  1. Property manager/leasing agent. ...
  2. Open house. ...
  3. Rental listing sites. ...
  4. For rent sign. ...
  5. Property website. ...
  6. Social media. ...
  7. Newspaper. ...
  8. Flyers.

What is the biggest rent website? ›

Best Overall Zillow Rental Manager

Zillow Rental Manager is the best rental listing site overall due to its sheer breadth of data and services. It has the largest inventory, the most site traffic, and offers services that take the landlord from marketing to rent collection.

What is the best site to rent out property? ›

Here are 5 apps to help you find a room, house to rent
  • 99ACRES. Created by the popular property search portal, this app offers the same user experience as the website, on the go. ...
Feb 20, 2017


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