The 7 best real estate websites of 2023 (2023)

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According to the National Association of Realtors' Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers, 51% of buyers found the home they purchased online. To put that in perspective, only 29% found the home they bought through their realtor, and 4% found a yard sign.

Real estate websites attract many visitors each month because they offer value to both buyers and sellers. Buyers can view hundreds of homes in a matter of hours from the comfort of their sofa. Real estate sellers are gaining too; Your homes will be seen by hundreds of buyers on the market looking to buy a new home.

These sites update listings quickly and accurately, provide buyers and sellers with a variety of tools to get the best information, and streamline the buying and selling process to make it more efficient.

We analyzed 18 real estate websites based on the ease of use and performance of their search features, the support resources they offer, and their costs. Buying and selling a home can be overwhelming without having to wonder which site to use. To give you a head start on your journey, we've curated the best real estate websites for your needs.

The 7 best real estate websites of 2023

The 7 best real estate websites of 2023

The 7 best real estate websites of 2023

  • Our best picks
  • Zilow
  • Trulia
  • FSBO. com
  • houses for heroes
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  • final verdict

  • common questions

  • methodology

overall better :Zilow

The 7 best real estate websites of 2023 (1)

  • Cost:Free for buyers, renters and sellers
  • listed:135 million+
  • Application:android and apple

why did we choose it

Launched in 2006 and founded by two former Microsoft executives, Zillow offers buyers, sellers, landlords, renters, realtors and other home professionals the most robust set of tools.Zillow's power and flexibility make it the best general real estate site in our test.

for and against


  • The largest database with over 135 million properties

  • Extensive sorting of criteria

  • Links to obtaining pre-qualified financing

  • Volumes of practical guides to buying and selling homes

  • Mobile app suite so you can search on the go

In contrast

  • Zestimate's proprietary algorithm is only as good as the information loaded into the database

  • Real estate agents and lenders pay for leads on the website

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general description

Zillow has one of the most downloaded apps on Android and Apple platforms. On Google Play, it has over 10 million downloads and a 4.7 out of 5 star rating from over 950,000 users.On the Apple Store, over six million people gave the app an overall rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars.

With Zillow's main app, you can search for homes, list yours for sale or rent, tour homes through photos and videos where available, connect with realtors and lenders, save your searches, and receive push notifications for updates from your search criteria.

Zillow provides MLS publications andMultiple Entry Serviceand non-MLS fonts. Non-MLS sources include homeowner sales, non-MLS foreclosures and auctions.

In short, Zillow is free for both buyers and sellers, and insteadmake your moneycharging advertising fees to agents, lenders and other domestic service providers. It's a source to lead potential customers to advertisers. This means that you should be careful when filling out forms on the site if you don't want to interact with these advertisers.

a little more specific

The 7 best real estate websites of 2023 (3)

  • Cost:Free for buyers and renters
  • listed:99% of properties listed on the MLS
  • Application:android and apple

why did we choose it is affiliated with theFederal Association of Real Estate Agentsand uses MLS listings drawn from nearly 580 regional databases, considered the gold standard for quality listings.That's why is our pick for the most accurate real estate website.

for and against


  • The database contains 99% of all properties listed on the MLS

  • Easily search all homes listed in a school district

  • Links to Pre-Qualified Financing and Finance Calculators for Buyers

  • Robust real estate agent location feature.

In contrast

  • No option to browse listings for sale by owner

  • No way for real estate sellers to list their properties for sale by owner

general description was launched in 1996 and is now operated by Move, Inc., a subsidiary of News Corporation (NWS).The app has over 386,000 reviews on Google Play and an average rating of 4.7 stars.It has over 600,000 reviews on the Apple App Store with an average of 4.7 stars.

With the app, you can search for homes, view tours in photos and videos, and compare neighborhood criteria like noise levels. And it updates all of your listings in real-time, so you always have the most up-to-date information. Draw a shape with your fingertip on the app's map and only look at the features within that geographic shape. Users can also contact real estate agents and run financial calculators through the app.

The app and website are free for buyers and renters. But remember, you won't find owner-sold condos here.

best mobile app :Trulia

The 7 best real estate websites of 2023 (5)

  • Cost:free for users
  • listed:1 million+
  • Application:android and apple

why did we choose it

Trulia's website and mobile application are characterized by their transparency. Because home buyers and renters do so much of their research on their mobile devices, the fact that the Trulia app is powerful, simple, and easy to use makes it our pick for the best mobile app.

for and against


  • Lots of "local info" available on website and app

  • Customized notifications for your criteria

  • Links to prequalified and in-app financial calculators

  • Refine your geographic search by drawing a loop on the map with your finger

  • real estate guide and information

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In contrast

  • You must login or register to save your search criteria

  • No way for real estate sellers to list their properties for sale

general description

Trulia's app has over 233,000 reviews on the Android platform, giving it an average rating of 4.7 stars.On the Apple Store, more than 1.3 million users voted for an average rating of 4.8 stars.While you can search for homes for sale and rent on the main Trulia website, Trulia has split these niches into two mobile apps: one for homebuyers and one with a greater focus on renters.

Trulia purchased from ZillowAt $2.5 billion in 2015, it has the power of the biggest real estate website behind it.It usually updates list information within 24 hours. As good as the app is, the data accuracy is still as good as what it says on the tin.

Some of the features people like the most about the app are the multiple map views for each property. For example, you can view the property on a map showing places to shop and eat, schools, commute times and more.

Trulia is an ideal choice for people who really want to understand their potential neighborhood, not just the house and what's in it. There are even neighborhood reviews from people who live where you're looking to tell you what they like and don't like about the area.

The app is free for users.

Best for foreclosures

The 7 best real estate websites of 2023 (7)

  • Cost:$39.80 per month for the web version;$39.99 for the mobile version
  • listed:1.8 million+
  • Application:android and apple

why did we choose it

There are several real estate websites that deal with thisforeclosuresbut has the best combination of search criteria, ranking, number of listings and perhaps most important in this complex process, education.

for and against


  • Advice articles, legal information, glossary and checklists

  • More than 1.8 million listings nationwide

  • Many search criteria options.

  • Documentation center with links to title search and other necessary forms

In contrast

  • A credit card is required to sign up for the 7-day free trial.

  • Monthly fee is $39.80 ($39.99 for mobile version)

  • The app is not updated as often as the website

general description was founded in 1999 by a team of real estate professionals and software developers who wanted to create a one stop shop for people looking to buy foreclosed properties.Data is updated twice daily directly from tax filings, government agencies, and creditor legal notices.

Your app has a rather low rating on the Google Play Store, with over 400 reviews averaging 2.6 stars.The application is free, but all features are reserved for those who have paid the monthly subscription to the site.

If you find buying a home that isn't in foreclosure to be a little confusing, buying foreclosure comes with its own set of rules that turn many people off. The team at understands that it's complicated, and as such, they've focused heavily on the site's articles and checklists to guide people through the process of finding an inexpensive home. Downloadable documents and links to state laws help shoppers stay on track.

As you become more familiar with the process, you'll be able to search and classify homes into specific stages of foreclosure. For example, you can search for specific property situations, such as B. Sheriff's Sales and Tax Liens. Another unique feature is the ability to search for homes listed asRent with option to buy.

Although the monthly fee is $39.80 for the web version and $39.99 for the mobile app, subscribers are paying much more than that because they see an opportunity to buy a home that can save tens of thousands of dollars on cost. of the signature. .

better rent

The 7 best real estate websites of 2023 (9)

  • Cost:$29 for 10 uses
  • listed:national
  • Application:android and apple
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why did we choose it

For renters who want to not only learn about apartment options, but also about the surrounding community and tips for improving their rental experience, is the best choice.

for and against


  • Not just apartments; Houses, condos and townhomes too

  • Large library of easy-to-understand articles for every phase of the rental experience

  • Mobile app with integrated search and contact function

  • Look for more than geography

In contrast

  • Community guides are missing crime statistics

  • Some user frustrations with sortability and updates

  • You must pay a fee to complete applications

general description was founded in 1992 and later acquired by the CoStar Group (CSGP) em 2014.CoStar Group is recognized as one of the leading commercial real estate market research firms in the United States.

The app on Google Play has over five million downloads and over 68,000 reviews, giving it an average rating of 4.6 stars from users.It ranks 16th in the Lifestyle category on the Apple Store and has an average rating of 4.8 stars from over 282,000 reviews. and its app are free to search for properties. The site makes money by charging renters $29.00 (plus tax) to request up to 10 rentals within a 30-day period via the mobile app.

Property listings may include images, 3D tours, floor plans, availability dates, current rental listings, and incidentals such as parking or pet fees, where applicable. There are also tenant reviews, rental length options, and information about nearby shops, restaurants, gyms, banks, grocery stores, and cafes. The site's Walk Score and Bike Score help users understand the transit options in a neighborhood, and an assessment of neighborhood noise levels helps fill in a user's perception of an area. However, some of this information may not be complete for all entries.

Best for sale by owner :FSBO. com

The 7 best real estate websites of 2023 (11)

  • Cost:Packages Starting at $99.95
  • listed:Partners with
  • Application:none

why did we choose it

Commission savings for home sellerSince 1997, has been our go-to site for real estate sellers looking to sell their own has a package that includes an option to list on the MLS and syndicated real estate sites such as Zillow, Trulia and Realtor, to name a few.

for and against


  • Easy-to-find pricing plan for MLS listing and distribution on real estate websites

  • Look for professional services to support buyers and sellers.

  • Partnered with to provide searchable access to foreclosure inventory

In contrast

  • Less real estate information than traditional realtor listing sites

  • Fewer search and sort criteria

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  • No mobile app

general description

Selling your home without hiring a realtor can save you 5-6% in commissions. However, there are fees involved in selling your home on Two sales plans are offered. The $99.95 FSBO package includes a six-month listing on, unlimited video and photo uploads.

The $399.95 MLS package includes MLS listing and distribution on several major real estate websites including Zillow, Trulia and Other options are available depending on the state you live in.

For example, if you find and hire a professional photographer, you'll pay those costs directly to the contractor. But if you're not a realtor by training, the site has extensive information to guide you through the selling process. With lawyers and attorneys at your fingertips and downloadable legal forms, you'll be well up to the task.

The best for heroes :houses for heroes

The 7 best real estate websites of 2023 (13)

  • Cost:free registration
  • listed:58,000 transactions since 2009
  • Application:none

why did we choose it

If you served or served in the military, or are a firefighter, paramedic, police officer, medical professional, or teacher, you can buy, sell, or refinance your home and earn bonuses and other savings with Homes for Heroes.

for and against


  • Save when selling, buying or refinancing your home

  • Contribute to a non-profit that supports local heroes

  • Guaranteed the greatest savings of any national program

In contrast

  • No free property information to search

  • No mobile app

general description

Homes for Heroes is another real estate website mockup. Rather than being offered a database of homes to explore, your first step with this company is: aonline formso that one of their experts can work with you on your goals. There is no mobile app.

If you fit into one of their job categories, Homes for Heroes can save you money by utilizing its vast national network of real estate agents, lenders and commercial services committed to providing you with excellent service at a discount.

Homes for Heroes was founded in 2002 in the immediate aftermath of 9/11 and launched its national brand in 2009. Its network includes 4,400 real estate and mortgage professionals who serve this critical demographic. As a result, Homes for Heroes, Inc. managed to donate more than $1.2 million to heroes in need through his non-profit organization, the Homes for Heroes Foundation.

The savings add up. The company claims that most people save at least $3,000. Participation is free; The hero pays that price every day just for doing his job.

final verdict

There are many real estate websites for real estate buyers and sellers; However, Zillow is the best in the industry due to its large database and great power.

The site offers a variety of tools for buyers, sellers and professionals, as well as guides to help market participants and simplify the process for anyone looking to buy or sell a home.

common questions

What is the most popular real estate website?

Our pick for the best overall rating could probably also be described as the most popular. It has the largest real estate database with more than 135 million and its app has been downloaded more than 16 million times on Android and Apple platforms.

How do real estate websites get data?

Real estate websites populate their real estate inventory in a variety of ways. In some cases, a real estate agent or property manager manually updates a home's profile or a seller uploads photos. Other updates are done digitally through each company's proprietary algorithm. The algorithm collects information from municipal and regional tax databases.multiple listing services, to name a few.

Are real estate websites accurate?

Accuracy has always been the number one challenge for real estate websites and their mobile apps. Some companies have improved their accuracy by validating the information collected by their algorithms with their own research team. Sites have increased information updates from a few times a day to every 15 minutes or, in some cases, in real time.

Do real estate website fees apply?

Most sites offer free services to the buyer or renter. The aim is to dress them without barriers. In general, however, you must provide your name and email address if you want to use all the functions, for example B. saving your search criteria or automatic notifications when a property you are viewing goes down in price and sometimes sometimes your phone number. Once that's done, you can open yourself up to multiple phone calls and emails from salespeople.

Many sites require sellers to list their homes for sale or property managers to communicate with their renters through the app or website. If a tenant wants to order an apartment through an application, he must also pay for this convenience.


We analyzed 18 real estate websites to select the top seven. We found out its pros and cons and tested its search and ranking features. The reputation of the companies also played a big part in our decision, so we looked at app reviews to see what people liked and what they would like to see improved.

We researched and compared the sites to see which provided the most information, whether they were easy to find, and whether we could do the same anywhere with a mobile app. Based on these factors, we have selected the best real estate websites.

The 7 best real estate websites of 2023 (15)

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Which real estate website gets the most traffic? › is the most visited Real estate website in United States in January 2023, attracting nearly 209.1M monthly visits. With second-placed receiving 164.3M visits in the same period. also performed strongly, generating nearly 110.6M visits.

What is the most popular real estate brokerage website? ›

With 10.2 million monthly visitors, Redfin is the top-ranking website for a full-service brokerage (works directly with consumers). The top 5 ranked real estate websites are digital-first companies., with 4.7 monthly visitors, is the top-ranking traditional (pre-internet) brokerage website.

What are the 3 most important things when looking to buy real estate? ›

What to Look for When Buying a House
  • Search for the right price.
  • Prioritize the location.
  • Think long term.
  • Assess property condition.
  • Don't focus on minor cosmetic details.
  • Stick with your must-haves.

What is more accurate than Zillow? ›

Redfin's home value estimator is more accurate than Zillow's when it comes to pinpointing the sales price. According to Redfin, its estimates are approximately 74% accurate within 5% of the sales price for listed homes. By comparison, Zillow is only 67% accurate within 5% of the sale price for listed homes.

Which real estate website is most accurate for home value? ›

  1. Redfin. The most accurate home value estimator is Redfin as it uses historical pricing data and also considers real-time demand and market trends. ...
  2. Zillow. ...
  3. ...
  4. Trulia. ...
  5. Ownerly. ...
  6. Chase. ...
  7. RE/MAX. ...
  8. Homelight.
Jul 18, 2022

Who is the fastest growing real estate brokerage? ›

Take a look at the top 25 fastest-growing independent real estate companies in the U.S. in 2022 below.
  1. theLender. Credit: theLender / Facebook. ...
  2. IDEAL AGENT. Growth rate: 5,514 percent. ...
  3. HqO. Growth rate: 5,291 percent. ...
  4. Spartan Investment Group. ...
  5. Ribbon. ...
  6. Point Digital Finance. ...
  7. Disrupt Equity. ...
  8. The Surefire Group.
Aug 16, 2022

What is the most paid real estate agent? ›

The highest-paid real-estate agent is a luxury broker.

Luxury brokers earn an average salary of $142,000 per year with commissions reaching up to $10M annually. As a luxury broker, you would specialize in multimillion-dollar deals and work closely with developers, architects, and designers.

Who sold the most real estate? ›

To accomplish that feat, Caballero sold, on average, more than 120 homes a week—or 17 homes every single day of the year. Caballero is the most productive real estate agent in U.S. history.

Which app is best for property search? ›

Best Overall Zillow
  • Access to over 135 million homes.
  • Unlock Zillow-owned properties through the app.
  • Detailed search and filter criteria.
  • Personal rental profiles.
Feb 8, 2023

Is MLS better than Zillow? ›

If you are able to view the MLS in your area online directly, you will only see properties that are currently active on the market. This makes the MLS more accurate than Zillow, which frequently keeps properties listed as available long after they have been taken off the market.

Which website is more accurate Zillow or realtor? ›

A Realtor estimate, or a Comparative Market Analysis, should be more accurate and more detailed than an online valuation tool like a Zestimate. There are several reasons for this. First, real estate agents who know a particular area will be intimately familiar with the comparable sales.

What are the 4 P's of real estate? ›

What are the 4Ps for Real Estate Marketing? The 4 P's (Product, Place, Price, and Promotion) are a marketing framework used to analyze and plan marketing strategies. It can help real estate agents and brokers effectively market and sell properties. In real estate, the product is the property that you are selling.

What to avoid when buying a house? ›

Common First-Time Home Buyer Mistakes To Avoid
  • Not Starting The Approval Process Early. ...
  • Looking At Only One Mortgage Rate Quote. ...
  • Not Working With A Real Estate Agent. ...
  • Buying More Home Than You Can Afford. ...
  • Not Checking Your Credit Report. ...
  • Waiving A Home Inspection. ...
  • Spending All Of Your Savings. ...
  • Not Saving Up Enough Money.
Jan 12, 2023

What not to do after buying a house? ›

7 things not to do after closing on a house
  1. Don't do anything to compromise your credit score.
  2. Don't change jobs.
  3. Don't charge any big purchases.
  4. Don't forget to change the locks.
  5. Don't get carried away with renovations.
  6. Don't forget to tie up loose ends.
  7. Don't refinance (at least right away)
Aug 12, 2022

Who is the biggest competitor of Zillow? ›

For core listing services, is their biggest competitor. What site is better than Zillow? Zillow's real estate offerings are some of the most comprehensive, but Redfin and offer some comparable services, especially in terms of home valuation.

Is Zillow higher or lower than appraisal? ›

A professional real estate appraisal is far more accurate than a Zillow Zestimate. You should keep in mind that Zestimate is just an estimate based on available data, and will often miss vital information on a home's condition and renovations.

Are Zillow estimates too high? ›

The Zestimate is often less accurate than your Realtor's estimate and can be thousands of dollars off. According to Zillow's Zestimate page, “The nationwide median error rate for the Zestimate for on-market homes is 1.9%, while the Zestimate for off-market homes has a median error rate of 7.5%.

Is the value on Zillow accurate? ›

How accurate is the Zestimate? The nationwide median error rate for the Zestimate for on-market homes is 2.4%, while the Zestimate for off-market homes has a median error rate of 7.49%. The Zestimate's accuracy depends on the availability of data in a home's area.

Which is the most trusted real estate brand? ›

1) DLF Ltd

This real estate company was founded in the year 1946 by Chaudhary Raghvendra Singh. The world of DLF Ltd revolves around building apartments, homes, offices, golf courses, shopping malls, hotels, and infrastructure and so on.

What website tells you what your house is worth? ›

A Zestimate is Zillow's estimated market value for a home, computed using a proprietary formula including public and user-submitted data, such as details about a home (bedrooms, bathrooms, home age, etc.), location, property tax assessment information and sales histories of the subject home as well as other homes that ...

What is the hottest real estate market? ›

The hottest housing markets include those markets in North Carolina, Colorado and Texas that were also popular during the pandemic, including Raleigh and Durham, Denver and Austin. Markets to watch that improved the most between November and December 2022 include Portland, Oregon, Richmond, Virginia, and St. Louis.

Which broker do billionaires use? ›

Many very wealthy individuals use the top brokerage firms, such as Fidelity, Schwab, Vanguard, and TD Ameritrade, among others. They invest in private equity and hedge funds.

What broker has the most money? ›

Top Brokerage Houses, Ranked
FirmAUMCustomer Accounts
Charles Schwab$755 billion33.9 million
Fidelity Investments$3.9 trillion.40.9 million
E*Trade$360 billion5.2 million
TD Ameritrade$1 trillion11 million.

What is the fastest way to make money in real estate? ›

  1. 7 Fastest Ways to Make Money in Real Estate. ...
  2. Renovation Flipping. ...
  3. Airbnb and Vacation Rentals. ...
  4. Long-Term Rentals. ...
  5. Contract Flipping. ...
  6. Lease to Buy. ...
  7. Commercial Property Rentals. ...
  8. Buying Land.

How much do top 1% realtors make? ›

Top producers earn around $112,610 a year to start, according to the BLS. 1 Mega-stars could earn $500,000 per year and up.

How much do most Realtors make a year? ›

On average, real estate agents make $84,459 per year according to salaries reported by Indeed users. Was this answer helpful?

Who is the king of real estate in USA? ›

The new real estate king is Jonathan Gray, the understated and media shy 42-year-old global head of real estate at the Blackstone Group.

Who owns the most property in the US? ›

Who Is the Largest Landowner in the U.S.? The largest landowners in the United States are the Emmerson family, with 2,330,000 acres of land. Red Emmerson, the patriarch of the family, founded Sierra Pacific Industries in Anderson, CA.

What company owns the most real estate in the US? ›

Coldwell Banker Real Estate

The largest real estate company in the USA is Coldwell Banker. Founded in 1906, Coldwell Banker has over 100 years of experience buying and selling homes that they share with the people they work for.

What is the best free app for finding property lines? ›

LandGlide is a property line and parcel data app that works on desktop and mobile devices. It's available for Android and iOS products. The app relies on GPS to pinpoint your location. Once it's identified where you are, you can hover over the map to choose a property and view its details.

Which housing app is most accurate? › has the most reliable app because of the influence and needs of the National Association of Realtors and because the data is mined from the MLS. Available for Android and iOS, this home buying app provides property listings sourced directly from over 800 MLSs. The data refreshes every 15 minutes.

What should I look for in a property search? ›

It involves getting information on any nearby planned roadworks or schemes, any property planning history, planning applications that have either been approved or refused, whether or not property development is permitted, information on public rights of way in the nearby area, whether or not the property is classed as ...

Is Zillow better than Redfin? ›

If you're doing research to sell your home, Zillow may offer a more comprehensive home profile. Zillow is also more well known for its home search capabilities. If you're trying to save money on a real estate agent's commission, Redfin will likely be better.

Can you trust Zillow? ›

Zillow is fine for what it is: one tool of many that homebuyers can use as they begin their search. However, it should never be used as a substitute for due diligence and research. Buying a home may be one of the most significant purchases of your life, so it's worth taking your time to know what you're getting into.

Is Zillow or Trulia more accurate? ›

How Accurate Are Trulia Estimates? Trulia Estimates are identical to Zillow Zestimates because both websites use the same data. The only difference is that Zillow Zestimates show both on-market and off-market properties, but Trulia only shows off-market estimates.

Why are Zillow estimates so high? ›

Factors That Affect Zestimate Accuracy

The tax assessor database also might have a mistake related to a property's basic information, causing the assessed value to be too high or too low. Homeowners who see discrepancies can report incorrect sales data or tax records to Zillow online.

What is a hot home on Redfin? ›

What is a Hot Home? A Hot Home is a home that we think will sell within the first two weeks of being listed on the market.

Is Redfin legitimate? ›

Is Redfin legitimate? Yes, Redfin is a fully licensed real estate brokerage in all of the states it operates in. Since launching in Seattle, WA, in 2004, it's become one of the largest discount brokers in the United States by far, with more than 4,000 employees and offices in 100+ markets across the U.S. and Canada.

What are the three pillars of real estate? ›

Commercial real estate (CRE) sits at the confluence of three distinct markets – space, equity, and debt.

What are the 3 characteristics of real estate? ›

Real estate has seven specific characteristics related to its economic impact or physical nature. They are scarcity, improvements, location, investment permanence, uniqueness, immobility, and Indestructibility.

What are the 3 most important things when buying a house? ›

Here's what to look for when buying a home.
  • The Location. They say the three most important things to think about when buying a home are location, location, location. ...
  • The Site. ...
  • The Neighborhood. ...
  • The Home's Curb Appeal. ...
  • The Size and the Floor Plan. ...
  • The Bedrooms and Bathrooms. ...
  • The Kitchen. ...
  • The Closets and Storage.
Jul 19, 2022

What is the hardest part of buying a house? ›

Meanwhile, 18% found the paperwork involved to be the most cumbersome, 15% said that understanding the process and steps of a home purchase was hardest and 13% admitted that saving for the down payment proved the most difficult part of the journey.

What to watch out before buying a house? ›

As you walk through a property during a viewing, you should look out for:
  • Signs of damp, including peeling wallpaper, blistered paint, or mould.
  • Signs of subsidence, including cracks in walls or sagging floors.
  • Plumbing issues, such as poor water pressure.
  • Electrical problems, such as exposed wiring or old sockets.
Jun 28, 2022

What should I do immediately after buying a house? ›

Here are some of the first things to do when you buy a new home.
  1. Secure your home. ...
  2. Purchase or review your home warranty. ...
  3. Connect the utilities. ...
  4. Check smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. ...
  5. Use your inspection report as a to-do list for maintenance. ...
  6. Refresh the paint. ...
  7. Refresh the flooring.
May 6, 2022

At what age do most people buy a home? ›

In the US, first-time homebuyers are, on average, 33 years old. The average age of homebuyers overall is 47.

How much money should I have left over after buying a house? ›

But, at the bare minimum, you'll need to have an additional three to five percent of the price of home saved to pay for costs associated with closing, which could include lender fees, title and escrow fees, transfer tax fees, and possibly money to fund an escrow account, explains Alfredo Arteaga, an Irvine, California- ...

Is Redfin or Zillow more popular? ›

Zillow is the most popular home buying website because it's available throughout the U.S. and includes lots of details on off market properties, while the Redfin app only displays listings in select markets. However, better options exist if you're looking for a low cost realtor or want to earn a home buyer rebate.

How much traffic does Zillow get? ›

By visitor traffic, Zillow is the largest real estate website in the U.S., averaging 60 million monthly visitors in 2022. Zillow Group-owned Trulia is ranked third for real estate websites in the U.S., averaging 20.7 million monthly visitors in 2022.

Is Zillow bigger than realtor com? ›

Agents pay extra for an exclusive realtor spot in your ZIP code. Considerably less traffic to than other real estate platforms: Zillow typically has 3x more traffic than

Why is Zillow estimate so much higher than realtor com? ›

This is another frequently asked question from home sellers and buyers. The main difference between home values and Zillow Zestimates is that Zillow uses its own program to create a Zestimate, while uses several 3rd parties to provide multiple home values.

How close is zestimate to appraisal? ›

Zillow's Zestimate has been found to have a nationwide error rate of 1.9 percent for on-market homes. When it comes to estimating home values for off-market housing, the error rate jumps to 6.9 percent. Overall, Zestimate accuracy is between 95% and 96%, so it's pretty accurate in most cases.

Is it better to sell a house with Redfin? ›

When you sell with a Redfin Agent, you get full service at every step and better technology for less than the usual listing fee. On average, homes listed with Redfin sell for $1,600 more and sell 5 days faster than comparable homes listed by other brokerages.

Why is my Zillow value so low? ›

If your home has more value-factors (bigger square footage, better condition, more amenities, etc) than the comparables that are pulled, then your Zestimate is likely to be lower than actual value. Take a look at the comparables selected.

How do I get my listing higher on Zillow? ›

Include a video tourof the place to give potential buyers an even better experience, in these cases the more information you provide in your Zillow listings the better. Take advantage of all the available tools: upload lots of data, photographs, floor plans, and videos.

Why is there such a price difference between Zillow and Redfin? ›

Zillow has higher real estate commissions.

This is a consistent practice among Realtors, with 3 percent designated for the listing broker and 3 percent going to the buyer's agent. Because Redfin is a brokerage as well as a listings aggregator, commissions can be as low as 1 percent of the selling price.

How close is Zillow to appraisal? ›

How accurate is the Zestimate? The nationwide median error rate for the Zestimate for on-market homes is 2.4%, while the Zestimate for off-market homes has a median error rate of 7.49%. The Zestimate's accuracy depends on the availability of data in a home's area.

Is realtor com or Zillow better? ›

Overall, Zillow leads work better than those on, which could be for several reasons — Zillow has more traffic, there's more transparency in the actual process, and the company has been more innovative.

When appraisal comes in lower than offer? ›

If the purchase agreement contains an appraisal contingency, the buyer is protected in the case of a low appraisal. If the buyer can't get the seller to adjust the price or come up with the difference in cash, they can walk away from the sale with their earnest money deposit returned to them.


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